Treatment Consultation Process

We work on a unique four-stage process for our non-surgical treatments and pride ourselves in being able to give advice on the most appropriate products for each individual client.

Stage 1

Firstly, we offer a free consultation giving you an opportunity to discuss in detail your treatment goals and for us to create a treatment plan, unique to you, for achieving them with us. You can then book your treatment immediately or take some time to consider your options.

Stage 2

The second stage is for your treatment which will be held at one of our participating salons in a relaxed environment and always carried out by a qualified doctor.

Stage 3

Thirdly, after every treatment we offer a free follow up appointment to ensure that every procedure is to your satisfaction and to advise about ongoing after care and the best way to maintain your results.

Stage 4

As an optional fourth stage we offer a make up consultation from a professional make up artist, which will teach you how to make the most of your rejuvenated look using professional make up techniques.


Take a look at the following pages for more information on the treatments we offer:

Our main focus at Faciem is on creating a beautiful experience for you with us, using our expertise to create fantastic results and helping you to maintain them in the best way, for as long as possible.